35 things you'll understand only if you've been to Saigon


Here are 35 things you'll understand if you've spent any amount of time in Saigon...

  1. Fish sauce

  2. Tough, toothless grannies in street pajamas

  3. Motorbike nappers

  4. Megaphone street venders

  5. Lottery ticket sellers

  6. Soup on a hot day

  7. Overloaded motorbikes

  8. Ridiculous Traffic

9. Miniature plastic dining furniture

10. Com tam

11. The heavy smell of grill smoke, incense and fish sauce

12. Lounging xe om drivers on every corner

13. Ice coffee with condensed milk

14. Sun-fearing and excessively clothed women

15. Karaoke-massage parlors

16. Coconuts

17. Designer surgical face masks

18. "Tra da"

19. Senseless Selfies

20. Wet hand-wipes

21. The bum-gun

22. Tall, absurdly skinny houses

23. Fantastic maze-like alleyways

24. Crumbling French colonial buildings

  1. Crumbling French colonial architecture

25. Public urination

26.The constant buzz of construction

27. Giant rats & giant roaches

28. Nonsensical traffic lights (and traffic patterns)

29. Open air living

30. Excessive horn-honking

32. Tranquil temples that smell of incense

33. Mysterious, viney, rooty, old trees

34. Crowded, exhaust-spewing, noisy, dirty and green city buses

35. Ben Thanh Market, Bui Vien, Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, The Bitexco Tower

Am I missing anything?