our story

Our story really begins with two separate stories…


In 2012, Lindsay sold most of her possessions, quit her job as a web designer, and left on a one-way ticket to South America. She spent 13 months traveling and making her way north through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, all of Central America and Mexico, by local bus with little other than a carry-on sized backpack.

Without a cell phone or a laptop, she wrote her first blog Lindsay Leaps from internet cafes all over Latin America. She used her first blog as both a personal travel diary and as a way to keep family and friends posted about her adventures. The blog as a much more narrative vibe than HWWT.

When she completed her journey, not ready to return to her former life, she bought another one-way ticket.This time to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


This is where she first crossed paths with Jim in 2014. At the time the two met, Jim had just moved to Vietnam after spending two years in China. His graduate degree first brought him to a university in Shanghai. After completing his time in China he started a sourcing business which drew him to the burgeoning sourcing industry of Vietnam.

The two met in a steamy beer garden in district 3 and instantly kicked it off. They have been truly inseparable ever since.

Have wifi will travel begins

In early 2015, after Lindsay found a remote job, the two decided to leave Vietnam and try working remotely from Bali. Over the course of the following year as the two traveled around Asia, back the North America and back to South America, Lindsay accepted the fact that she would know longer be traveling the world solo and decided to start a new blog reflecting this. Hence the beginning of Have Wifi Will Travel.

Travelling together and working remotely through many countries from Asia to Europe and Northern Africa to Latin America over 4.5 years before they finally tied the knot in Mexico in 2019.

Digital Nomad Couple